Nick J. Sciullo was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia where he attended Tallwood High School.  He is an avid sports fan, following the New York Mets, Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Penguins, and West Virginia Mountaineers.  He relaxes by reading, writing, attending minor league baseball games, working out, traveling, and listening to hip-hop music.

domestic travel

Significant U.S. travel: Virginia, Maryland, Washington (DC), West Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Florida, California, Georgia, Iowa, Arkansas, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Indiana, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Wisconsin

international travel/abroad

Belize City and Belmopan, Belize (May-June 2017)

Frankfurt and Fulda, Germany (July 2016)

Barcelona, Spain (July 2016)

Osnabruck, Germany (August 2014)

Panama City, Panama (July 2010)

San Juan, Puerto Rico (June-July 2009)

Toronto, Ontario (August 2001, December 2007-January 2008 )

Staffordshire, United Kingdom (April 2007)

Cancun, Mexico (March 2002, March 2003)


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